Hi! My name is Dimitra and I am a licensed tourist guide in English, Spanish and Greek. I was born in a beautiful town of northern Greece near which one of the most ancient oracles is situated, the one of Dodoni. Since I was a child I was moved by the stories connected with this sanctuary and fell in love with the history and civilization of my country which I studied thoroughly in the National School of Guides. I have lived in Corfu (Ionian islands),Kos (Dodecanese) ,Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) and during the last 7 years I am based between Athens and Santorini (Cyclades). During the summer season there is no better place to be than Santorini, one of the most spectacular landscapes of the world and definetely a "must see" in Europe. On the other hand Athens, despite its recent adventures, remains one of the most charming cities worldwide, where every citizen of the western world gets to meet his roots...the roots of his thinking, the roots of his way of living, the roots of his whole being...

  This is what I love transmitting to my guests. During the last 12 years that I have been working as a guide in many areas of Greece as well as Spain and Austria I had also the chance and luck to travel around the world-Asia, Africa, Europe, America... The more I was traveling the more fanatic and enthusiast traveler I was becoming. As such one, while offering my services as a professional tourist guide in my country I am trying to give to my guests all I am seeking as a traveler myself.

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