Santorini has a lot to offer to every single visitor. Despite its small area, 73 sq. km in total, its volcanic origine is responsible for a complex mountainous terrain on which the inhabitants adopted their settlements. Medieval castle-like villages, coastal resorts, innovative residential complexes excavated in the rocks of the caldera form an architectural paradise. Narrow, winding roads connect them together giving the impression of a daedalic labyrinth hiding lots of treasures. Let me help you discover those "jewels" that will adorn your own holidays.

   Travel back to prehistory and feed your brain with a visit to Akrotiri; make your soul smile in front of the unique beauty of Oia; liberate your dionysiac spirit with the famous local wines; please your taste with a delicious variety of greek mezedes; relax your body in the refreshing water of the aegean sea; and keep those fantastic memories in the best photo album of your life! Prepare your cameras, choose your favourite activities and must-see places and let me help you organise a tour that suits your needs.

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The above are just some of our suggestions... we are here to make your visit on the island the one of your dreams! Contact us for any further information.